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Some bugs and some ideas

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I am thinking my crow must be bald or the feathers on my world are now respawning.    I don’t  have to travel far away just to turn around and go collect them again.    

Im not sure what was wrong with the third person aiming as now when trying to aim overhead your characters head moves right in the crosshairs and you can’t even see what you’re aiming at anymore and have to change camera views to see again..  Don’t make much sense why it changed to me.

Love the acorn stairway but please can we have a ladder or some sort of pulley/elevator system.   Those acorn stairs mixed with spider armor can create some crazy motion sickness 😂    
Makes for a nice zip line though. 

Compass line top center would be a super duper add.  For some reason I cannot for the life of me remember which way I am facing when leaving my house.   

Another fun add would be a steep or gradual grass plank slide or a fire pole type thing.   


Why do people build in the construction zones and then complain when their bases get destroyed?   This I will never understand.. 


Bring back the Boop... The poor gnats just look lost.  Most of the time they are just pecking at the ground or just hovering and do nothing.   I enjoyed farming the gnats some nights. Filling up my jerky racks was painless. Now I can’t even find a single one that is attracted to me. story of my life 😝  Gnats are supposed to be annoying...  Boop Boop... 


Love this game!!   You guys are awesome!   Keep up the good work! 



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