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Issues with 0.8.0

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The 'optimizations' in 0.8.0 actually didn't fix anything, and now the game looks and runs much worse. Specifically for me, the issues are:

-Draw distance on player built objects is absolutely terrible now. It was nice to always be able to see what I've built. Now I can't see base parts that are relatively close by. Please change this back.

-Draw distance on grass/stems that are loaded onto pallets is somehow even worse. I have a considerable number of grass pallets near my main base. Being able to see that from anywhere was part of what made it special. And you destroyed it. I'm having frame rate issues near where I've placed a lot of pallets now, too. Which didn't happen before.

-I also have a bunch of stuffed soldier ants and ant head totems near the ant hill. Not sure how many, probably about 70 or so stuffed ants, with totems somewhere in triple digits. I already had frame rate issues near here, but it's somehow actually worse now.

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This is still a thing after updating to 0.8.1

Really unfortunate, too. I was having a great time with the game, and not actually being able to see my impact on the world ruins so much of the experience for me. I won't be coming back unless/until the draw distance issue is fixed.

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There's other areas where different sacrifices could be made, instead of the ones we were hit with. Like:

-The neighbour's basketball net, for example. Which is a fully modelled out basketball net with proper textures on everything (including the rope that makes up the actual net, rust on the hoop, hell, the model even has some rim deformity?), even though you'll never get close enough in game to see it as much more than a blur.

-Other background assets seem to be fully modelled and textured as well. Which really doesn't need to be the case with the sides of background houses we'll never see.

-Literally anything that isn't a key landmark or something a player built themselves?

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