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Rdm Crashes on Nvidia Ampere Cards

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The Game Randomly Crashes on Nvidia Ampere cards after playing for 10-60min, Singleplayer as well as Multiplayer, host and join, online and offline, there is no reference point to reproduce as it happens totally random, it does work with older cards (2080ti, 2070, 1080ti, 1060).

Test Setup:
Gigabyte Aorus Pro x570
Ryzen 9 3950X
2x 16gb G.skill trident z neo ddr4-3600mhz
Nvidia Rtx 3090, 3080 (game crashes after 10-60min randomly)
Nvidia Rtx 2080ti, 2070, Gtx 1080, 1060 (Game runs fine for hours)
Game is installed on a WD_Black SN750 NVME drive, no changes if its installed on the windows drive or this one
Allways used the Newest Drivers.

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