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Lack of Eridanos overworld theme a missed opportunity.

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It feels something of a waste to introduce a new region to the gameworld, only for it to lack an overworld theme of its own. Reusing Stellar Bay doesn't inspire much zest for adventure despite the change in scenery.

I was similarly annoyed at how the Gilded Vale theme showed up EVERYWHERE in Pillars II whenever it was night-time in a settlement. 


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I can agree with this. However, content is something that the community is asking for and I know I am really grateful to receive a DLC like this. Its easier to sometimes reuse assets to rush/ push up a deadline instead of creating entirely new assets. One of the reasons that a modding community would be really nice if it were possible. There are alot of 3D assets that Obsidian could then take advantage of with the help of the community. In addition community made maps/ content are always charming. The issue with this is that the Unreal engine as I understand it is an Epic Games engine and enabling modding capabilities into a system like that is difficult without having an "unbaked project" allowing for raw files to be viewed as well as raw code. There are workarounds of course however those are third party.


I digress, Obsidian has a ton on their plate with everything in the works in their studio at the moment. We can only hope that the reason for this is due to their focus being diverted to The Outer Worlds 2! 

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