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Severe FPS issues that weren't an issue a year ago

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In the video above I show an issue I been dealing with these past couple days, as you can see I'm getting extreme stutters and I have no idea why. A year ago when I played the game, no DLC was out and I had the Game Pass version.

Since then I have bought the game and both DLC's and was doing my second playthrough when a few minutes in I ran into this. Here are some details of how I am playing.

Playing on a base Xbox One, a normal purchased version (not game pass) and I did not redownload it as it never said I needed to. I have an FOV of 70 or 75 as recommended, I have 6 previous saves from my first playthrough and 6 saves for my new and current playthrough. The only settings I changed were I took off Head Bobbing because it makes me sick and made the text size to 5.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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