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Would misophonia support be possible?

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Misophonia, a strong reaction to specific sounds, is something I deal with when it comes to the buzzing of insect wings. I didn't quite have to worry about it when it came to the game before the addition of mosquitoes and bees, since the only thing in the game that could cause it was gnats. I already appreciate the support for arachnophobia, so I was wondering if it was possible to add support for misophonia as well? I'm not quite sure how it would be done, however, mostly because it's something that can be broader than just one aspect of the game. 

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+1 I agree, although the sound that bothers me the most is the screeching noises orb weavers make, insect buzzing noises is by and large a very common misophonia trigger. I don't think it's too much to ask to have that be available.

It could be a toggle to replace the noise with something less buzzing, like how spider sounds are replaced. Or a slider in the menu to adjust creature sounds, which could further be split into "buzzing creature volume", "arachnid creature volume", and "other creature volume" which would be a blanket volume slider for everything else. Even though I have the arachnophobia mode turned on, the noises don't seem to be an improvement, I can't seem to tell much of a difference, maybe it's bugged, idk? But being able to turn down the spider sounds specifically would be nice for arachnophobia, too.

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