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List of Bugs and Issues in 7.2 (I experienced)

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Platform: PC

Method of "Purchase": Steam



- The Dew collector sometimes creates  huge droplets

- Pebblerocks which you can crack won't respawn

- You can hear larva running under the ground

- Sleeping should be Button X instead of A, since you press X to open the leanto or bed  its easier to double tap X to quickly sleep instead of unintentional unset spawn

- Cant eat or drink when carrying planks or stems

- Infested weevils  are walking outside the hazard zone and regular weevils walk inside the hazard zone

- Palisade doors when left open will change their direction when leaving the area, they always open to the left instead of staying like they were

Left open like this:   _/   \_  After coming back:   _/   /T

- Shooting a bow in third person results in arrow drifting slightly to to the right, instead being in  center

- Ants will go after larva in the ground even if they are under the surface

- Can't place a chest or pallet directly under a floor. Chest has to be placed there first, otherwise the blueprint or chest will always move on top of the floor

-Weedstems sources are to rare. Weedstems are now more important then gras, since more recipes require weedstems

- Moving dew collector results in leaving water drops behind in the air. New water drops won't respawn until the flying airdrops are slurped away

- Spiders under oaktree glitch into ground after a while and will only respawn there or even inside the oaklab. Ressting creature brings them up again, but only until you leave the area and come back

- Orbweaver behind the oaktree right at the single wolfspider will glitch into the oak root and shoot stuff at you, while you cant hit back

- The larvas hit very fast and make a lot of damage, also they often come in groups. This makes them a little hard to interact with in WOAH

- Struktures will be distroyed easily one hit when attacked by a bee, moskito amnd some other insect. No matter what type of structure even reenforced structure like palisades or stone foundation will instantly break


Thank you for creating such a unique experience. I'm very thankful for all the work and creativity you put into this game. 

I hope I can help improving it by submitting some of the problems I discovered.

Keep it on Team Obsidian!

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