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A Problem of Scale

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This isn't really a complaint but it might seem like it.

After playing the game for hours, I'm grappling with a bit of an immersion problem - at first the game is fairly immersive, especially when dealing with ants, larvae, orb weavers etc. But after a while the bug scale gets a little wonky. Some bugs are too big compared to each other. Mosquitos are HUGE, like waaaay bigger than they are in real life. Don't get me wrong, they're fun to fight and I love their movements and attack patterns... but they're effing massive. Compare them to the bees, for example. The bees seem fairly bee-sized, at our small scale they almost seem like bumble bees but they're pretty true to scale, then compare that to the lady bug. Find me a lady bug that is bigger than a bee. Now find me an actual mosquito that lives in the same place as all these other guys that's the same size as/slightly larger wingspan than a bee.

It's something that takes me out a bit, not that "realism" is a thing they should strive for, it's just a weird thing that's been getting to me the more I play.

Ultimately, doesn't really matter - I love the mosquitos. They sound awesome, their animations are tight, it feels like fighting a bug fencer. It's great. Just something of note.

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