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How do i get in the dozen's good side when I finished the crucible knight's quests first.

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Just got to defiance bay and started to explore around. Then i tried to do Eder's quest unfortunately i can't since i didn't have a good standing in defiance bay, so i thought the crucible knights were the way to go. Finished their quests and got hero reputation on them. Went to the expedition hall and the guy near the map won't give me quests now. 

Can any of you recommend a way(with the least spoilers) to get my reputation with the dozen to friend? 



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If you sealed the final approaching quest for any faction you can't side with the others anymore. Which was the last quest you did for the Crucible Knights? If you accepted the "Winds of Steel" quest from Commander Clover you can't side with any other faction anymore. Maybe quickly check if that's the case. 

But you don't need faction reputation for Edér's quest. You need "Friend" reputation or higher with Defiance Bay which can be done with most quests there, not the faction specific quests which mainly influence your reputation with those faction only. 

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