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Can you add a new game plus feature that allows you to import your current game to a new state?  I would like to see all unique items (mint, rotten items) reset to their original spawn points, resets all BURGL/SCAB items (so they can be found again) resets mutations,  AND imports all of your buildings and structures? You can not make new items until you research again, but could allow players to salvage 100s of hours of a game previously ruined by other players.

This would be a great way to re-live the game AND combat malicious players that visited your world and hid or destroyed unique items.  It would also allow a player to reset game to single player and be able to discover and research items they never had an opportunity to see because of malicious/selfish players.    I would love to experience the game and see the stuff I never had a chance to see because of "multiplayer issues"  It would also allow players more control on their unique worlds after having experiences in previous multiplayer environments.

Thanks for considering my suggestion



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