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Building is badly broken since update 7

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I am having a very difficult time with building and with moving items around.  I’m sure many others are also.  Before update 7, building was pretty simple and I had no issues.  Now when I go to place an item, such as a wall it may be blue but it will not place.  I have to move around or get out of building mode and go back in several times before I can place a simple wall.  This also happens with other building pieces.  It’s not that hard to build and never was:   when the piece is blue you can place it and then build it.  But that is not the case right now.  

Also when I try to move items, such as a workbench or storage box, sometimes I can move it a few feet away and other times I cannot move it at all.  Then there are times where I can move an item all the way across to the other side of the house.  

Hopefully they will come out with an update for building because this is broken and not fun at all.  

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Same here. Its like when you trying to move or place a decoration on something you can still interact with things like open a door or recycle things. I made a post about this issue the other day. Its not locking the other options out. When I'm trying to move an item I shouldn't see the option recycle at the bottom nor should I be able to open and close a door when I am trying to place a blueprint somewhere,

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Sorry I translated my text with google Translate.

I have the same problem that occurred yesterday when the game had just made a small 2gb update.

I play on PC, and I had played the game in the early days of alpha and occasionally since and have never encountered this kind of problem.

Already the blueprints are sometimes red when I want to place them when there is nothing blocking them, and sometimes it is blue but I still cannot place, or it does not place at all as expected.
The problem arose when shortly after placing the first elements, during construction some areas became unbuildable for no apparent reason.
Interesting thing: I was in the multiplayer game and the host of the game didn't seem to have a problem and continued my build.

Another problem, when you are in construction mode, it is still possible to interact with the scenery. It's a bit messy and often we make mistakes or even nothing happens and impossible to build without aiming elsewhere so as not to have interaction conflicts.

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