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Horde Mode?......or other map options when creating a multiplayer session

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Is there any plans to build a horde mode or situational challenge scenarios?

I'd love to try and balance base building vs defending a base vs. repairing a base before another attack. Please allow lots of time between waves (or a selectable variable setting) so that adventuring for materials would be part of the challenge to prepare for tomorrow's army ants.  

...this could be an option that could be toggled when loading up a multiplayer map or map options

examples might be:

1) sandbox mode

2) Horde mode

3) adventure/story mode 4) challenges scenario mode 



1) Horde mode could be specific to a certain biomes for specific challenges


2) Horde could take place on the whole map every few days,  so that you would want to plan for base expansion vs repair of damaged base (post stampede of army ants) Might be fun to trek across the map for specific materials but have to race the clock before the next attack sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Something like this might make "sleep" a strategic thing too, perhaps unrested defenders have a penalty when defending...but had time to repair everything.


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