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High Ping in Flooded Zone

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So me and the GF are playing and I'm hosting the game. At our 2nd base location any time she runs near the stem and plank pallets her game lags hard and she gets the high ping warning. After a few seconds she can move again most of the time but some times she is removed from the game entirely. This has only started recently and we've been trying to pinpoint the reason for this. The 1st base we build has 3 grass and 2 stems and she's never lagged so it's something about the location of our second base (The base is between the sprinkler and muddy area next to Rash). We are gonna try emptying the pallets and possbile recycling them to see if that clears up the issue.    This is happening in the PC version fyi.

Game settings:
Version: PC
Friendly Fire: Off
Multiplayer: 2

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info/game settings
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Follow up:


Removed both pallets from the area then rebuilt them, GF was able to run by the grass pallet (partially built) but the moment I placed and partially built the stem pallet her ping shot through the roof again. So I recycled the stem pallet and then placed it(partially built) at an outpost I built not too far from the area where she was lagging and she has no issues with ping or disconnection.   I don't have exact specs on her PC but it's a CLX prebuilt (only a year old) with a 2060, fair amount of ram and a ryzen 5 I believe.

So now the question is do we ahve too much stuff in that area of the map, like a density issue that's only causing her to lag?

Follow up to the follow up:

Even with everything moved she is still getting massive latency but for a short amount of time only when running in a very specific spot from the base of the hill (starting from Rash's left bicep to about the middle of his back). The observed issue only happens when she is running uphill as well and never when running down hill.


 Follow up cubed:
After a reboot of my computer the issue seemed to ease somewhat but not totally. My computer is pretty beefy so it's not a hardware issue and the latency only happens in the flood zone in a very specific spot. I'm at a loss of what could be causing it unless we just have too much stuff in that area (2 bases, a whole host of gnats to annoy us, Ziplines, light sources, dew collectors and more)

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New findings of the issue
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