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FYI feather arrow

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Hi Obsidian,


Just an FYI:  

The description of the feather arrow is:  A fancy arrow crafted from sleek CROW FEATHER bis and strands of SPIDER WEB

The workbench says: 1 x CROW FEATHER PIECE  and  2 x SILK ROPE

Can you update the description to show SILK ROPE rather than SPIDER WEB?   

The inaccurate description caused some player confusion.  Upon the request of a friend,  I delivered him a stack of SPIDER WEB...but he actually needed SILK ROPE to use at the workstation....had to double back to the spinning wheels to produce correct ingredient needed.

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While it would be nice if some of the descriptions of items were a little more precise in the wording contextually the feather arrow description is fine as is. If read thoroughly it states you need strands of spider web emphasis on strands which is the reference for turning web fiber into silk rope. Also once you have the item unlocked the recipe should end up being more important than the item description.

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