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My suggestion is to have all of the stuff in your hotbar not in your inventory. Make it so that your hot bar is storage. Also I suggest that you make extra spots to put "equipment" on top of your armor not in place of your armor. I also suggest that you make a quiver that can store your arrows. Also I suggest adding grasshoppers. Also you could make it so occasionally a regular sized person walks through the yard. Or have it rain and if you get hit you take damage. Another idea would be to add a queen ant in the Western ant Hill. You could also add bosses. Also I have had a lot of issues with creatures glitching into rocks and trees (Especially ants). Also another suggestion I have is to allow the player to have multiple saved world's.


P.S. I'm on console


Also soldier ants do way too much damage. 


Thanks for reading 🙂

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Quite a list to sort through with some great ideas and some potential game breaking ones. This is a long response numbered and labeled for easier digestion.

1. Hotbar and Inventory - So while in some ways it would be nice if we had extra equipment we could have not take up inventory space there are some items that would need to be restricted for this to work. Some examples would be food in the hotbar if we used the same rules as the equipped gear not taking up inventory space if you locked an item to the hotbar and did not give it a capacity limit one could theoretically carry an infinite amount of food in the space of one hotbar item.

2. Equipment and Armor - In some ways there is merit for what you want here where we may have a base set of armor but then still be able to equip utility style equipment i.e. gas mask and miner helmet. The biggest challenge here would be whether or not the devs want to expand equipment slots as there is honestly a nice simplicity in their approach to gear as every wearable is considered armor and you only need three armor pieces. With the specific sets of three giving bonuses. Currently the gas mask has the most importance moving forward when the eventual haze section gets updated while the bubble helmet is kind of important at the moment and in niche situations is the miner helmet a good utility gear and combat situations specifically bow usage its now a toss up between marksman cap or full be armor. What would be nice and is progress already are future creature additions as well as future armor sets so one day we may see a full set that is intended to be used in the haze and even better gear set for the water.

3. Human occupants - This in a way has been done with the boot prints you find near the mysterious machine as well as the destruction of the hedge lab. Which has brought its own challenges for players who consider themselves day one players as the change to the landscape has challenged the way preexisting bases work in the modified landscape. This challenge would be further amplified if we had full size npcs that periodically roamed the yard. On the other end of the spectrum the roaming npc can become repetitive as they may only be given one or two roaming paths so as to not completely disrupt our ability to build and expand bases and outpost throughout the yard.

4. Weather, Queen Ant, Glitches, Multi Saves - the idea of an ant queen I believe is already in the works. Weather is planned for a future update. Creature glitches has a hot fix in the pause menu to fix creature locations and can be used once each time you load your save. You are already able to have and be a part of multiple saves with the ability to change between using a save for single or multiplayer on the same save. The one thing you currently can not do with an existing save is change the difficulty or switch between survival and creative which I support the potential to change the difficulty of the game but not switching between creative and survival.

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