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Broken BURGL quest? Build

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Stems are no longer able to be carried while using zippiness

The BRUGL Birdbath Marker was a total pain to place.  Since the ability of carrying stems on the zip lines has been removed, I had no way of getting stems across the 1st ziplane in order to connect the second zip line to the "birdbath branch"  After about an hour I managed to  leaf hop (skill jump) across the gap (way too many leaves & attempts) to ultimately reach the birdbath branch.  There doesn't seem to be any stem resources in the blueberry bush to create the necessary zip line.  I heard the other solution is to spend 4-6 hours building a staircase all the way up to the birdbath....??? Is this mission quest correct after patch/ver  I was unsuccessful in locating any other way to get to bird-bath, and the midpoint ziplane seems like it will never connect to anything because you can't get stems in the area (or delivered to the area)  

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Yeah the removal of the shoulder carry makes this mission harder the cheapest solution is the base of that particular bush you can do a few grass floors and bounce webs which will allow you to walk stems up building a zipline anchor across from the unconnected one that is there. Also there are two new dandelions just outside of the bush area that will have enough stems for the zipline. There is a youtube video on this method just not sure if allowed to share the link.

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