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Difficulty & In Game Input

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I love the concept of the game but find I stop playing because the difficulty can't be changed or scaled in game which seems like such a basic feature to have missing.  It's frustrating to die over and over and over again trying to kill of certain creatures for those who want to play solo yet I can't change the difficulty from medium to easy without starting over completely.  The more frustrating part is needing to sign up for this forum to provide feedback because the one in game just uses face emojis which seems like a waste of time because you can't give context as to why you are upset.  I hope these very basic problems get addressed soon.

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I would love to switch to creative but the only way I found it could be done is in a multiplayer lobby. It will give me a choice to swap to any difficulties but im unable to select them. Im on xbox, so this could an exclusive issue. The only option by default is medium. My current solo is mild and im worried if i have guests play, will this change my solo files to medium if im using those saves? The options to change would be great.

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