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Where do you hide you save files for the PC version of Grounded that is purchased through the Xbox Store via an individual purchase. I know where it is for Steam purchases but can't find it on my Son's PC for Xbox Store installs. Thanks.

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Hello, I bought this game for me and my son. I bought the Steam version and I bought him the PC version as well but the one you buy through the Microsoft Store.  We played a couple hours and got decently far into the game about 8 hours in, however the save file is in my computer as I hosted that multiplayer game.  What I want to do is for him to host it so he can continue where he left off with this cousins.  What I noticed is that on his PC unlike mine, I don't see any of his save files in the C/User/Saved Games/Grounded/ Folder like mine is.. I looked online and saw that the Xbox Store does have the "Grounded Windows 10" folder but it's just nowhere to be found on his PC. I even started a new multiplayer game from his pc just to see where it saves these files and for the life of me I can't find it.  I'm hoping to simply inject the multiplayer files that I originally hosted on my PC to his, so that he can host in the future instead of always relying on me. If you can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.  I don't want to have to resort to refunding the game, just to buy the Steam version since those save file locations seem to be much easier to see.  PS. I did see an extorted file option in his load screen and that created a folder in the Saved Games profile but it's the extorted saved files.. His computer won't read them.  I know his PC along with this single player games are being saved somewhere but in 2 hours of me searching I can't find it.. Please help.

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