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Movable Chests/Base Items

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I have really enjoyed my time with Grounded. In all my time playing my number one suggestion for a quality of life improvement is the ability to move chests/containers (and also items like roasting spits, lean-tos,  workbenches, etc.) around without having to recycle and rebuild (while losing some of the items that went into them). When making bases in the game, frequently our base will start small and then expand over the playthrough. I'll have a workbench against a wall then decide to knock down the wall and expand. Now if I want to move the workbench against the new wall in my bigger base I have to recycle it, and hope I have enough stuff to rebuild it in its new spot. Chests are worse because I'm taking everything out of them first (hoping I have enough room), recycling the chest, rebuilding it, then placing everything back in the chest (I'm not sure what recycling does with all the items in it and I was too scared to try). This would be a huge quality of life improvement and make building bases more fun. An argument against this might be "you should plan your bases better" or "it's not realistic to freely drag some of the large items like mushroom gardens or water containers around the base", but to answer the first point it I would say that logic punishes players for experimentation/expanding bases and to the second point I would just be happy with movable chests/lean-tos/smaller items as a starting point if it wasn't "realistic" to be able to freely move the other larger pieces.

Thanks for reading!

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