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Help me pick my tank MC for POTD Upscaled party play

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Just did Tactician/Blood Mage and Monk/Blood Mage, and had a great time. Want to keep using these "infinite resources" subclasses, just not with one another again for awhile. 

Tactician/Trickster seems like it could work in party play. I know in solo you can just stealth yourself and laugh but that requires teammates also remain in stealth. In party play you have Eder who can also use smoke veil and Tekehu FOE only Chill Fogs, plus both MC and Eder can be high-engagement persistent distraction frontliners with flanked immunity from squid and prudensco. So long as I keep my ranged friends out of flanked situations it seems doable. On fights with few big targets where youre likelier to want brilliant anyways, its seems pretty easy. 

I also like the ideas of Unbroken/Blood Mage or GoldPact/Blood Mage, but do the +1 shield armor rating or the stoic steel +3 stack with Ironskin? From what I've gathered playing a few runs now, if you multiclass with wizard you get Ironskin +5 armor rating, throw on the Patinated Plate you can get right away, and you're going to be pretty hard to kill. But in my monk run I noticed Iron Wheel sadly did not stack with Ironskin, (woe is me, only 18 armor!) and I'm looking for 


Tactician/Trickster - stack deflection, riposte and persistent distraction shenanigans, forcing them to break engage and overbearing guarding them (would be better with unbroken but oh well), no ironskin but you still get armored grace for heavy armor, Pallegina can give a +1 through aura. Though if using Prudensco instead of Squid or Kapana the whole armor thing is moot. Could use scrolls I guess. 

Unbroken/BM - Potentially 19 armor from heavy armor, a shield, and ironskin. Can't renew fighter resources but wtv, can still massively engage and break engage with spells for more powerful overbearing guards. Can also in a pinch stack deflection tho we probably tank resolve here and have the -15 vs bloodied penalty. -30 to reflex between the two classes...hrm.

Goldpact/BM - Don't think Gilded stacks with Ironskin, if im wrong lmao that shouldnt be legal. But you get the +15 defenses to make up for BM -15, and if insightful and Stoic Steel stacks with Iron Skin we're in business. Not as easy to get a billion engage slots, I'd have to look over items, but 1v1 must be pretty hard to kill, you run out of pally resources but wtv you cant run out of Stoic Steel


Anyone have any thoughts on the above three ideas, or has more fun ways to build strong tanks from Tactician or Blood Mage multis? Again, no Battlemage, been there done that. Thanks!




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