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New player feedback Jan2021

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Hi, I am writing this FEEDBACK AS A NEW PLAYER (JANUARY 2021)

Here is my feedback after 1 week of game and exploration…I love the game, has lots of co-op potential….looks great on the Xbox One X, can’t wait to see the next update.

1) I really want a COMPASS, can you let me build one and keep it in inventory?

2) I think the game needs a setting to ALLOW (or prevent) VISITING PLAYER TO SPEND RAW SCIENCE. I find it frustrating that another invited player can join a game and spend your hard earned science.

3) I would like to see a single player only introduction STORY/TRAINING (kinda like Sea of Thieves: Maiden Voyage) for whatever reason we tried to learn the game as a group and 2 of our 4 person group struggled with learning game mechanics. 2 experienced players were doing everything and not helping the new players discover stuff/analyze stuff. I feel like I missed something….a maiden voyage to the backyard might be helpful.

4) When I started my NEW GAME a few experienced players joined…and then promptly analyzed/researched many of the raw materials/resources in the game…and I never was able to experience seeing the knowledge/inventory screen/ science gained or whatever. Consequently I feel like I missed out on some of the learning curve/or resource location discovery.  Can you make a setting option so players may have independent research specific to the player rather than the map?

5) INVENTORY management needs to be refined, why does “take all” or  a death re-spawn, mess up my organization? Also having to click a cursor across to an item seems clunky, is there a better way to navigate spinning wheel inventory menus?

6) Please add a category in the GLOSSARY OF “DISCOVERED ITEMS” (and smoothie recipes) what ingredients are needed to make it.  I either have to memorize a recipe or go to the almighty “Google” to find out how to make a smoothie.  Seems like you can save a player internet log on frustration time by adding a reverse lookup glossary or viewable recipe menu for “discovered items”. I do like the raw material items list and what they are used for.…thanks.

7) I think STORY DISCOVERY has some challenges:  seems like I was fighting ants while trying to listen/read story stuff (audio file/cassette tape, or possibly something another player triggered) the immediate danger took me away from the story….then after defeating the danger couldn’t find the audio file (where/which one?) and returned to my original resource goal (hunting acorn) this effectively negated any part of the story that was just discovered….now Im kinda lost…and I think someone else discovered a lot of those types of items/audio logs that I never had a chance to see or hear.  Can story items be reset or can they be set to specific player progress rather than the map?

#8)  Regarding UNIQUE ITEMS (example: rotten bone trident, rotten larva blade in the stone, and rotten bee armor) I never discovered or got to see any of it….any way I can reset this so I can discover it/see it for the first time? Can you make a setting allowing unique items to only be picked up by the game/map host?  Is there a way to have unique items safe from being hidden, destroyed, or turned into a smoothie by another player.  If item is destroyed will it reset? Can you have a reset all item button/option?

9) Please add a “FLOATING ITEM RETRIEVAL NET” so I can retrieve grass/weed items lost in the pond? Im happy to net the items and drag them back to the shore (perhaps netted items could attract the coy fish to add some extra danger)

10) PRIVATE STORAGE for each player would be nice when visiting another player’s world. (****unique items should not be allowed in private storage***)

11) I like how the grass floor can be offset so the next tile can be slightly offset, can we also get a 1/2 STRIP OF GRASS FLOOR/WALL so when this is done intentionally or by accident a “grass patch” can be placed in the 1/2 size empty place?

12) How about a HEADLAMP that lets you see in the dark but ALSO attracts DANGEROUS BUGS

13) How about get a magnifying glass puzzle, perhaps an amazing reward/gear....or fiery death!

14) and a COMPASS….did I mention a compass?

Great game! Can’t wait for more!     

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