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Unable to save (quick, auto, manual) and advance beyond the first area



I just got pillars of eternity from epic games winter sale. It’s the definite edition 1.0.2. I’m running win 10 home.


Everything seems fine but after character creation in the first area the first auto save failed. And I can’t make quick or manual saves. I can get to the save game screen and write in the save name field, but it just doesn’t save. Game runs otherwise just fine and I can finish the first area, but after loading screen game resets back to main menu. There’s a pop up message about an error loading the next map and the resetting to avoid corrupted saves.


I found the player.log in my user files_app data_locallow... and after a huge amount of texture files not supported messages there a a few messages about save games. All starting with:


UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied.


At system.io.file.move (.........


after multiple lines ....


Failed to execute script event script Void Autosave () ().


I can’t find any statement of a path to save game folder in player.log. 



Any ideas of what could cause this and how to fix it.

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