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We should add 2 Types of crossbows and a Modifier (Possible Recipe)

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Possible Description: The Insect or Sprig (same as the other one) crossbow is more powerful than the Sprig or Insect bow (Depends of the type of material) but it takes a bit of time to reload and it can be added a makeshift scope

(here an image how the scope would be)

Possible recipe: (Workbench needed for both of them) Sprig crossbow: 6 sprigs, 4 crude rope, 6 sap, and a Sprig Bow Tier ll Bow

And for the Insect crossbow: 7 spider parts, 5 Silk Rope, 4 Acorn Shells, and the Insect Bow Tier lll Bow


And the scope Recipe (This is an modifier and a binocular use): 4 crude rope, 5 Sprigs, 5 sap, 5 thistle needles


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