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Pillars of Eternity - Definitive Edition

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The White March is not an expansion that takes place after the main game. It's an expansion that expands the main game. It adds a "side-campaign" if you will which is only loosely coupled to the main game's plot.

How to get there: While you are playing PoE and are at your stronghold you should receive a letter from Renengild of Stalwart  (a village in the White March) via your steward. Renengild urges you to come and help with something. You can then see Stalwart on the world map and can now go and travel there any time during the main game. I think it's best to wait until you reach lvl 8 (6 if you are a very experienced PoE player) lest it's too hard. 

On the way to White March you will also see something called Crägholt Bluffs on the world map. That is also part of the expansion but it's very high level material. YOur steward will have warned you not to go there too soon - so better don't go there on the way to Stalwart. Better to do that later. 

If you already completed PoE and beat Thaos you will have simply missed the White March (you must have completely ignored your steward then though). But you can load a savegame before jumping into the pit in Twin Elms and travel to the White March then. It will be quite easy at first because you will be a bit overleveled - but after some time it becomes harder, especially the second part of the White March as well as Crägholt Bluffs.


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