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Dear Obsidian why i stop playing this wonderfull game Grounded :( please read/with base vid.

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I start playing Grounded with a friend since the first day at release. I was having a lot of fun and  i really enjoy the setting.

I dont like survival games at all so i never really play them because i never liked the setting or it get boring very fast but Grounded really gets me there.

The sad thing is i only play Grounded for one month then the first upadte gets hes release and me and my friend stop playing it.

If you ask why it was a this simple thing called footprints who made it in the game and destroyed everthing for me and my friend, the base and the fun.                Those footprints where just cosmetic they dont have any other use so its so sad that a simple thing like this ruined my expirience and the game for me so i never like to play it again :(

Im a perfectionist so i spend a lot of time and work in my base that was the thing i do the most in grounded. After the first month i was over day 180 in game if i remember correctly ;)

So heres my base one day before the update i start moving at 0:25


And heres my base after the update.



My base was so beautiful before and after it, it was a mess. Dirt everywhere and those footprint just why. The thing who makes me sad the most was my fireplace i was so proud of it because it was looking so good and the sad thing is its unfixable.

So i really have zero motivation to play this game again after this happend because i cant fix this to the point i can say its ok again. I also dont like to beginn again because of all the time i investet to build this and collect stuff.

Its really sad a small cosmetic thing like this ruined my game expirience. If you ever revert those footprints me and my friend would be come back to the game, i really would like to play this game more but like i said zero motivation after that and everytime i saw something about the game on youtube it makes me sad and angry XD

A little feedback at the end

We know this game was unfinished and its in progress, so we know it will get some changes but...

The starting area of the game should not get drastic changes or terrain changes because its the starting area and atleast this area should be finished in an unfinished game. I liked that you taped other areas who where still in progress so we know if we build there it could be gone. I known friends who build at the area at the swamp and the base is now underwater so they also stoped playing Grounded.

So it was a beautiful game and one of the games i enjoy the most last year all that before the footprints came out and if you ever remove it i came back to the game so let me know if theres a change this could ever happen.

Thx for reading



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