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Graphical/Camera Bug

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First off I just want to express how great this game is! So many tiny details add to quite an amazing experience. Well done so far.

The one bug I have encountered is in regards to the player camera and what appears to be the first person character model. While in first person view, crouched, and wielding the pebblet spear or acorn shovel it looks like the player head is extended all the way back like they are looking up into the sky. You can see it when looking at the player shadow on the ground etc. It also makes the player model clip into the first person camera and you can see various parts of your character while moving around crouched. So far it only happens with the pebblet spear and have not noticed it with any of the other starting tools/weapons.


-It happens with every character

-Only visible in first person view, 3rd person camera and character model not affected

-Not tested while wearing any type of armor or gear; only base player with pebblet spear equipped

Hopefully some of this helps track down the bug. Thank you for developing quite a unique and outstanding game!


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