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[IE Mod] Loading Error. There was an error loading next map. Returned to main menu to prevent corruption.

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Just got Pillars of Eternity from Steam v3.7.0.1318 and I get this error when trying to start a new game or load a save made without using the mod. I am using the proper version of the IE Mod ( and have installed it to the Managed folder with the correct path to PillarsOfEternity.exe and have run tests and the test ran fine, but as stated I am getting this error whenever I try to do anything with it. Please, can anyone help?

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Ok I got IE Mod to work by going into it's menu and disabling all the features it added and using it only for a walk mod... does anyone know what could have been causing this error? I am afraid to re enable some of its other features out of fear of corrupting the game save file.

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