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Millipede Train. Moving Platform.

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Me and my kids were trying to think of an insect that would be unintentionally helpful. We came up with the idea of a millipede train! A millipede which circles the garden stopping at different (stations) spots to eat. The millipede would be indestructible, but stable enough to build on or transport goods from place to place. Of course we've all probably been there already, where you need stems or planks for building and you are too far away from the source. Don't get me wrong the grind is definitely part of the fun, but if we could harness the ability to use the millipede train at a later stage it would help tremendously. Further more another idea is to eventually have caravans perhaps pulled by ladybugs or the millipede train.

So far building is costly, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun or rewarding. :)  

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