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Too hard to complete quests... on easy mode?

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Hey everyone,

Im at the beginning of the game on easy mode and everything is too hard, thinking about giving up

I used my 1 potion in the first battle because I nearly died and now I just keep dying. I got 2 people and then 3 in my party and we just keep dying and loading no matter where we go. It is pretty pathetic.

I upgrade every gear I find but everything seems to do no damage regardless of what it is and no matter what gear I add to my body I die just like i was naked. 

The one who can use magic manages to kill someone sometimes and then runs out of the mana points and then we all proceed to die.

 Need to use a camping item after every fight but we can only afford 3 because nothing drops money and everything that does drop sells for 5 coins when the camping items sells for 70. I bought 3 camping items and now i have 2 coins.

The early mission to go into the dungeon brings on groups of shadows that destroy everyone in the party... Can barely kill one on its own. Is this supposed to be end game content? I just started. Why is this impossible?

This guy told me not to go into the bear cave so I definitely didn't do it. Would just die. 

I haven't been able to find anywhere to get things to be able to live in this game.

I'm on easy mode. Is there a way to make this game be playable?





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I think it would be best to switch to Story Mode for the early game. Always better than giving up. You don't seem to have experience with this sort of RPGs and the early game is hard for somebody who doesn't. After Act I the game becomes a lot easier for many players and you could then increase the difficulty to easy again (you can switch whenever you want). 

In general the rule of thumb on the road to success is: stack accuracy to deliver reliable debuffs, then deal damage. Using brute force is inefficient.

You can hit a lot more reliably in the early game with an accurate weapon (dagger, spear, rapier, club) or a flail which you use in the right hand and nothing in the left. This will give you +5 and +12 accuracy which is a huge plus in the early game. 

I'll name a few things that might help you in the early game:

Use flanking! That means attack an enemy in melee from two sides. This reduces the deflection of the enemy.

Aloth ("dude who uses magic"): use the spell Chillfog. It is very strong and applies it's Blinding effect every few seconds so it will hit eventually. Also use Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff. It's very good in the early game and it gives great value for only one spell use. Also use Arcane Assault after Durace buffed your accuracy (see below).

Durance (Priest at Magran's Fork, you can travel there and pick him up at any time): use Inspiring Radiance and Blessing.

Edér should use Disciplined Barrage. It has a huge impact in the early game as well.

Travel to Caed Nua without any fight and pick up Kana Rua. You don't have to enter Caed Nua, he's standing in front of it. Use the Phantom summon with him. If you can stay alive long enough so that Kana can call the Phantom you should win the fight a lot more easily. 

Also most quests can be solved without fighting. If you can sneak a bit you can turn in some quests like the blacksmith's shipment. Other quests (against the grain) can be solved with just being reasonable and not trying to escalate everything. One character level can make a big difference in perceived difficulty. 

Hope it helps.

PS: wise decision not to go into the bear cave. :)




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