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[SUGGESTION] More Armor Slots (separate eyewear from headwear, footwear from legwear, etc.)

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Why the suggestion: It doesn't seem logical that we can't wear Aphid Slippers the same time as wearing knee pads. It would give us more variety of appearance if we had more armor/accessory slots to fill. I would suggest 1) Head 2) Eyewear 3) Chest 4) Arms (which would include shoulders) 5) Legs 6) Feet

This would be easier to implement assuming that a future update is going to no longer cause equipped armor to count against inventory. 

Finally, this suggestion would also play on some of the charm the game already has - it is actually akin to a medieval RPG - we have armor, weapons, buffs, big creatures, skills, bases that can be like castles, etc.. It would be neat to see our characters more adequately covered and stronger armor closer to late game. I picture a look similar to some of the lost boys in the old Robin Williams movie "Hook." Here's an example:


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