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Locomotion Redux

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So I think the game and its player base would benefit greatly from some additional movement mechanics.

  1. A Dodge action bound to B/Circle on controller, Blocking is great but sometimes you just needa get the frack out the way. (especially with anything explosive)
  2. Ledge Grab climbing, so we don't always have to get our feet right up over the edge of where we wanna jump to.
  3. A Slide action for quick downhill traversal would be great but not hugely needed
  4. Buildable ladders and other climbable things in the environment (hugely needed)
  5. A non-OP grappling hook. You can climb, swing and rappel with the rope (Should not function super quick, throw button needs to be held to throw at any reasonable distance, and it doesn't reel in mechanically)
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