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Traveling merchant, unique items, and a boat

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Just a few ideas. I’ve spent an ungodly number of hours building in games like Conan, Minecraft, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, No Man’s Sky, and others. Grounded is my kind of game™️.

*I would LOVE to see some sort of traveling merchant bot. Have them sell unique decorations, weapons, and armor or something for science. As a builder player, having items in existence that can’t be crafted would be really exciting to me, and give me more reasons to get out of my buildings and explore.

*Underwater building pieces.

*Boat. A leaf? An acorn shell? Weevil carcasses? Idk. Something floaty so I don’t always smimmy.

*More newspaper clipping signs. Pls. I needs them,

*Pulley pallets. Let me load a full pallet on the ground and lift it up to the top of the post I’m building on.

*Building mutations. Maybe they exist already? Admittedly I haven’t checked. But imagine a +1 to carrying capacity because of... muscles. Or a slightly higher jump because of... muscles.

*Backpacks or carryable chests. Some way to carry more, even temporarily.

*Craft all button. I need so many ropes. Why craft one at a time?

*Move objects. I placed a chest poorly. It needs to be moved. May I pick it up and move it without destroying it?

*Lean to variety. Once I build my luxurious stem mansion it looks a little weird to have a lean to in the bedroom. I don’t hate it. It would just be cool to have more options.

*More clay building pieces. Tiny brick walls. It could happen.

UPDATE: I’m sorry about my lean to suggestion. I did not know 😭

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19 hours ago, SnickerSnack said:

I like 'em. I dunno about the traveling merchant idea - just I'm not sure how that would fit into the game lore. But I really love the pulley pallets and clay walls idea. And I totally agree about the lean-to. Seems a little quaint once you build a gigantic fortress. 

I think it could be done in a way that fits. Maybe a little robot or even little locked vending machines that you have to use science to buy from. Something. For me it’s more about the idea of unique/uncraftable items being available for sale somewhere in the game.

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