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New fan, new feedback

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I’ve wanted to play this game since seeing it in Game Informer, but hadn’t played until this weekend.

I’m huge on building & survival games, and I do a lot of early access/beta testing when I can. So that’s my angle - and I have to say I love Grounded. The main thing I want from it is just... more.

What I love about the game:

No build limits!? I’ve built a ton and I’m still building. I learned quickly that I wanted to build up high, and now there’s a whole village up on top of the fence posts between the rose bushes/koi pond and the big dry grass forest on the other side. I like that building helps make areas easier to get to, and that I don’t have to sacrifice part of my main base to do that. I am on Xbox and my friend is on PC- I like building, he likes hunting/gathering. The building system fits us really well, allowing him to fill pallets and chests while I continue establishing a sprawling civilization. I also love that there’s armor and equipment that suits each of us in ways we can really feel - I love being a little human ant. Mainly what I want from this game is just more of it! More decorations, more quests, more recipes, more biomes. Maybe more options for building on water? But I like this game enough already from playing on game pass that I will definitely be paying full price to own it. And cross platform is bring my friend and I together when we couldn’t have played together otherwise.


There’s a pretty major bug that’s affected us in cross platform multiplayer. I am hosting the game on my Xbox, my friend is on PC. When he dies, his backpack spawns thousands of cm away (off map somewhere), and does not show up in the proper place until he logs out. When he logs out, I can go pick up his stuff, but not before. Building near existing objects can be a little difficult at times, but it’s better than I expected after other building games I’ve played.


*I would LOVE to see some sort of traveling merchant bot. Have them sell unique decorations, weapons, and armor or something for science. As a builder player, having items in existence that can’t be crafted would be really exciting to me, and give me more reasons to get out of my buildings and explore.

*Floating or underwater (plastic/glass?) building pieces. There’s a bunch of great water places - building on or below it could be so cool!

*Boat. A leaf? An acorn shell? Weevil carcasses? Idk. Something floaty so I don’t always smimmy.

*More variety in everything. I’m sure that’s already been thought of, just supporting the idea! But more quests, more craftable placeable things, more variety of enemies, more types of crafting tables, more purchasable schematic sets from our robot lab friend, more signs!!!

TL;DR - loving this game, excited to play more, will pay full price.

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