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Great game !

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Hi, I downloaded this game on Xbox a few days ago via gamepass... it's one of the best survival game that exists, very nice graphics (I'm on the Xbox one S for now) the crafting is great, the construction too (even if I think there should be more). Actually it's very good for a game that's not finished yet...

There's also a "creative" mode that I find the most interesting in a video game... well, not totally for Grounded, because it lacks the bugs and it gets lazy after 1 hour of play, I think this mode should be more worked on. The possibility to add or not the health, the possibility to spawn insects near our bases and to make epic fights as for a map editor, to modify the night and the day... If you push this game mode to the extreme I think it will be at the top of the survival games, a little more than Minecraft, Dayz, No man sky, or completely State of decay, etc.. Of course I don't forget the survival world, again it's possible to make a survival/creative one..

I'll say it again, Grounded is a very good game, if it evolves like that I think I'll buy it like lot of players, continue please ! 😃

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