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I have no right to make this recommendation -- but you should petition your parent company for the rights to fallout, or alternatively a "collaborative effort"


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as the title states I know I have no standing or rights to give any serious business advice, but i felt like saying this because its obvious.

technically microsoft is now the parent company of both of these companies as of two months ago. now I dont work in this industry or for you, but if I was you what I would do is, at least attempt at some high level board meeting to discuss "collaboration" and use consumer enthusiasm as a metric to make the case. I realize its ultimately not guaranteed, but the case could potentially be made more successfully and amicably than in the past considering current conditions.

it would be a wise use of the assets of microsoft to invest in the aspects of design which bethesda abandoned in their later years of continually marketing skyrim and watering down the single player RPG experience in favor of what they decided the mass market wanted. this doesnt discount every design decision or choice that they made actually, just the ones the fanbase hated generally that led to the development and failure of fallout 76 (cmon who looking at fallout 4 didnt see it a mile away? they didnt put single player towns and NPCs in to beta an online trashfest)

you guys in this studio still have the soul left in ya. and I honestly have high hopes that at least quality games can be made and released on PC and console (hopefully not that win 10 store, locked out of the saves play anywhere crap but thats a fight for another day!).

other people may see this kind of a thing as some kind of monopolistic bent but -- analyzing the actual state of the RPG development market, this is just where things were headed, its really in my view beneficial to all parties. it helps you guys stick around in spite of all the unfairness that happened in the past after your great work. It also finally gets bethesda out of the rut of just microtransactionizing everything to try and get their IPO because... its done!

so quite possibly this could result in great things for all companies involved, and I do think it would be worth your time to at least... seed the idea in management.

I know im nobody, and my opinion or statements dont matter. I dont want a job (I mean I could use it but im not looking). im also certain someone more important than me is probably already attempting it.

but the attempt is worth making you guys did a way better job and have the potential to actually take that IP in the right direction. even if corporate thought you "needed" the bethesda logo something could probably be worked out on it being a "collaboration". but idk I dont work there.

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