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Wolf Spider in the lab chilling with Burgl

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I was going to the lab to get some missions and when I get to the room burgl was in I seen the shadow of something big and turn around and it was a wolf spider. Thing scared the hell out of me. I ran out of there as fast as I could. I really think you need to move burgl some where else. Its just such a risk going to that tree lol. Please move him some where else. Let the man get some fresh air lol.


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Update. Well it looks like the wolf spider can move around in the lab. I was going to the lab to kill it with gas arrows cause I figured it couldn't get to me in the other room. Guess I was wrong the spider came right on through and pounced on me lol. If you aren't going to remove the spiders from the tree then I suggest you move burgl some where there aren't any spiders around. Some where we can go and get missions without any disturbance. 

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