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The sky was an asteroid field full of gnat food

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In our multiplayer game this evening, things began to lag and glitch.  And I happened to look over towards the rose bushes from our homebase, and beheld the strangest sight.  I have no idea what happened, or if this is normal, or even the cause of our glitching and lag.  But I thought it would be worth sharing.  Has anyone else seen anything like this?



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5 hours ago, ferret141 said:

I've had this too in my multiplayer game. I'm the only one that can see it.

Been meaning to email the devs but haven't got around to it.

Are you having 'physics' issues like grass planks on the floor bouncing around?

In the multiplayer game, yes.  Loose anything:  planks or stems or acorn bits - these all bounce around as they enter render distance.  Sometimes it causes lag, sometimes it causes rubber-banding.  

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