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Lost Gear, and a stuck Koi

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I am not sure if either of these things are intended, or are issues, but I figure I should post them, to bring them to the Dev's attention:


First off, I have found that when you die in the depths cave (from the new update) whether through drowning, spider attack, or Koi mauling* a backpack does not spawn.  I have lost about 5 sets of flippers, gill tubes, shovels, lanterns z and acorn chest pieces while trying to collect sunken bones due to my items dissapearing when I spend too long below the waters.  Normally if you die, the bag floats to the surface, but down there, it doesn't spawn at all. No marker, nothing.  Is this intentional?


The Koi Mauling from above brings me to the second possible issue.  On multiple occasions when diving into the depths to collect scales and bones I have found the Koi down there... It would make sense it would hablng out down there, because that is where you find scales, but the entrance seems far to small for it to squeeze into... Is it supposed to be down there? Or is it just spawning incorrectly?


As always, keep up the good work. Even with these issues, This game has quickly risen in the ranks as one of my favorite games. I am excited to see where it goes.

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