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Dumping Out Container BUG

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Whenever a container (canteen) is filled up with any form of liquid and is dumped out by right clicking it from the inventory it seems like it never actually works. It empties the value but once you throw it out of your inventory and pick it up again, you'd see it return as if it didn't actually empty the value.

- something related to the values not being updated: whenever hot crafting, the quantity won't get updated.


Thanks Devs. :)

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I too had this bug.

PC, MultiPlayer (3 players total, all PC)

Replicate Issue:

  1. I took the Canteen, to test it out, I ran over to the pond near the oak tree and filled it with 2 "charges" of dirty water. In my hotbar, the Canteen icon had the green water drop overlay icon with a 2 in it.
  2. As soon as I saw it worked, my friend and I, were going to fill up the Water Container with fresh water. They put 2 charges of fresh water in the Water Container. I didn't want to drink the dirty water, and it said we couldn't combine two types of liquids. I hit "I" to open my inventory, RMB the Canteen and emptied it. At this point the enumerated green water overlay disappeared from the hotbar.
  3. I found a water droplet and tried to press E, as prompted, and it said the Canteen was full. Tried to empty it from my inventory again and the option was greyed out. Trying to fill it from the pond again said it was full also. Trying to pour it in the Water Container said I couldn't mix different fluids.
  4. I finally dropped it from my inventory and picked it back up, and that reset it with the original pond water and green overlay icon enumerated with a 2 on it. This time I just pinched my nose and drank the 2 "charges" of dirty water. At which point I could put fresh water in it and pour it out in the Water Container.


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