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Areas, Enemys, Basebuilding, Taming, and other nice stuff

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At first, Hello nice shrunk mates, and sorry for my bad english skills 🤣

I enjoy grounded from the first hour, cause i am a kid from the mid 80's early 90's.. and i like it that obsidian updating grounded every month.😍 I've played more then enought early access games which wasnt nearly in that  stadium what grounded was by e.a.-release. I am a german player and ive wrote an review on steam for grounded too, to bringing in some points what all thoose starting negative reviews giving an good counterpart. (feel free to visit and read it)

and of course obsidian feel free to take my thoughts they are free and they are nice to improve the fun in grounded,

i set no copyright to that feel fre to use

Okay thats enough of introducing my self



1. Sightseen pillars (areas in the garden)

2. Enemys

3. Basebuilding

4. Taming (work in progress)

5. Features (work in progress)

6. Outfits (Work in progress)

7. Equipmentsets (work in progress)

8. World/seasonal- events (work in progress)

9. items (work in progress)

10. Inventory system (work in progress)

11. Perks (work in progress)

12. bugs (work in progress)


I do my best to write what i think over thoose points so good i can

after a few hours i wil safe this for the moment and write in the next days on it forward


1. Sightseen pillars (garden areas)

well if i think back to my childhood their was a movie "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" and the baseball wich activated the original laser is ovously the first sightseen pillar in grounded wich will be revealed after leaving the start spawn 😍

an action figure from battle toads can be found in the toadswamp also nice

an mc - tape in the backyard remember to our childhood...

okay enough with reminisce here come my thoughts and idears to new or reworked sightseen pillars

1.1 did u remember to the movie with this wierd extraterrestrial called e.t.? ive missing an landmark what thematized that one 🤭

1.2 more action figures: ive missing some of the most iconic action figures from the 80s and 90s the f..k where the h..l is he-man and skeletor and those wierd power rangers also the gohstbusters and many more of them when counting up i have an area like an chess board in my mind where thoose most iconic action figures standing in duells to each other

1.3 molehills, wich can used as a fast safe route (safe only if the mole not triggered)

1.4 i really missing the mowing machine, it was so nice in the movie "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" when the Neighbors kid come over and used it to punish the hell out of the kids

1.5 functional walkman, it would be awesome if it would possible to bring some iconic songs (if u do that.. please use some nice rock songs(maybe remixed/reworked cause copyrights😇)) to an functional walkman which changed the tape and his position every second or third day when a child move in the garden used it for a few minutes and trow it back somewhere in the gras (thats the reason for changing positions😂)

1.6 science project for school, maybe one of thoose trash jelly vulcanos or an advanced nice waterbottle rocket.

1.7 when i think back to my childhood i remember to a small cooler from coca cola for beverages in a corner on the terrace in the backyard

1.8 one or two beehives or an wasp nest even an hornet's nest (Ouch!!🤕)

1.9 a doghouse would be really awesome

1.10 a figure made out of used bubble gum ( maybe one of the main characters (it would be nice if it peters garden when the figure is looking like willow in a cringe look, cause i think willow is peters secret love))

ten landmarks and some of them are very awesome, (i would love to see them all in grounded🥰)

ps: a castle/fort made out of lego bricks wich can give us players an savehouse would be another very awesome sightseen pillar



2. Enemys

every time when i play grounded iam very excited to discover new nice things

under this point i have some thougts about new enemys or reworking some enemys

2.1 flying enemys: bees / wasps / hornets / dragon-flys / butterflys / Firefly / moths( in the night agressive against light sourcess especially moving lights, like the good old torch what we all use 🤩) / mosquito

2.2 enemys on the ground: chinch / centipede / millipede / termites / silver fish / cellar rattle / dung beetle / rhino beetle / mr. long leg (another varity of spider ouhouhu that would be awesome)

2.3 boss enemys:

2.3.1 ant-lion

2.3.2 mouse // rat

2.3.3 mole

2.3.4 mother moth 

2.3.5 mother dragon-fly

2.3.6 mother butterfly

2.3.7 Tarantula

2.3.8 Mantis

2.3.9 scorpion

2.3.10 earthworm

2.3.11 snail

2.4 Immortal enemys: (cause they are big like the bird or the koi)

2.4.1 dog puppy: if u move into the dog house it start the puppy event, he will play with the players and drop a ball in front of them (of cause the ball kills an player if they stand under the ball) the players have to hit the ball with a charged hit (a higher tier of weapon let the ball fly further), but the puppy hitting them hard if they are not carefully in movement, if players hit the puppy his mother runs in and kill all with one bite per player, complete inventory lost (no escape possible) when the puppy runs the 20th time for the ball he is happy and give the player one of his treasures ( some kind of toys like bones or nibble toys) and after that the puppy will fall asleep

2.4.2 the frog/toad: he will eat the player if they are in the range of his tongue it need 3 times before u die (inventory lost completly) after ten hits he drop some frog/toad venom/posion and jumped away, maybe in the koi pond, maybe somewhere in the hedge or maybe a stork land and eat him🤪

2.4.3 skunk

2.4.4 marten/iltis

2.4.5 Hedgehog

2.4.6 racoon

2.4.7 snake

2.4.8 squirrel

2.4.9 iguana

2.4.10 ive forgot this one


3. Basebuilding:

3.1 we need a few more materials for new tiers in the base building section

3.2 i need definitive an elevator

3.3 and a cargo lift

3.4 battlements

3.5 round segments

3.6 arrow slits

3.7 a lot more varity in the trap section

3.8 shutters for windows

(3.9 taming objectives)

4. taming:

cause every one likes pets and mounts, taming is something what we want, but not so easy like in other games search a pet what u like


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Lowkey, this seems like a horror game with all the enemy's u suggested......and I LOVE IT😂, also if u don't mind me adding something for the tutorials I recommend there to be more markers. Because when I first played the game I had to search youtube and google for how to make this or how to make that. For the tutorial I just recommend for there to be more markers like markers to pebblet near u or sprigs or plant fibers. Also idk if there's n option like this because I haven't played the game for like 10 hrs but a feature allowing players to ping certain things. Like let's say I'm making a armour but I need a certain thing I could ping it and come across the item. but make it something like fallout like if u see it on the ground or if it's part of an enemy like ant parts it could have a marker to indicate if u kill this youll find what ur looking for.

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