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Fails to run on steam

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Just bought via steam.



-click play


-1 sec later, button changes back to play as if nothing happened

-repeat 3x

-verify game files = ok

Verify system req.

AMD fx 8350 8-core 64b

Win 7 64b SP1+

32G ram

4tb+ HDD space

GTX 1070ti

no interfering programs


So... As the developer suggests, the fellow player base should be able to help resolve this issue.


Currently the first I recieved was:  Refund.


Sadly, here is a link to my negative steam review:



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I've tried running the exe directly, as well as the main-win64-shipping.exe it refers to and get this error each time:





*edit: My best guess at this point, is that it doesn't like the fact that I have 3 monitors connected.

I have also searched through every folder below the install folder. advapi32.dll is not located in any of these.

**edit2: Going through their support site.


Their windows support link (https://support.xbox.com/help/subscriptions-billing/buy-games-apps/buy-and-install-xbox-games-on-windows-10) gives the below result also.  Not very encouraging thus far.


Hey, what happened to this page?

It may have a new location or may not be available anymore. Try this:

  • Start again from the home page
  • Make sure you typed the URL correctly
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Hey Dan Kay! I'm sorry to hear that Grounded isn't working correctly for you on Steam. There are a few things you can try to help resolve this issue. First, I recommend making sure that your OS and video card are both up to date. Next, if you haven't already, I suggest reinstalling the game. If either of those solutions doesn't work, please submit a support ticket so we can record the bug and submit it to the team for investigation. 

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