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building issues

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it now seems the orientation to building has been altered by 45° to 90 ° depending on item you are placing

and the walls and ceilings do not line up they step to the side so you have a stair step appearance

 i placed the  scaffolding before update and wanted to finish it today and this is what is happening now ..

last image is later in day after cutting grass to apply.

alignment issues.png

alignment issues2.png

alignment issues3.png

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You are not alone. After the new pond update, I noticed the same thing. Sprig and Acorn fence blueprints no longer join (snap) 

together in a straight line; platforms shift at a slant and do not snap correctly to existing platforms, etc.  Laid a blueprint 

of the gate and larger weed stem borders yesterday (Friday) and they seemed to have worked.  Some single items like 

containers don't shift, while the spinning wheel does. Love the new update, but this glitch makes building anything

impossible. Hope Obsidian notices this problem soon and sends us a fix.  Until then, I'll keep trying to clear that 

Wolf spider from its den and try not to keep dying. Should keep me busy until they solve this problem. :)

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