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Things built crooked at koi pond.

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The first three grass planks that were placed right by the Raspberry Blast (or whatever the juicebox is right next to the pond) at the stone border were straight. But as soon as I got past THAT, everything went crooked. The blue outline would be straight, but as soon as I clicked to "okay" it, it would go crooked. Same as inside the concrete-looking concrete light. I set my lean-to to be parallel to the science station and BAM! Crooked. Always at the same angle, too. If I had it one way, it would be crooked 45 degrees one way. Set it the other way, it would be crooked 45 degrees the other way. A little frustrating to build a settlement in a gorgeous building.
Bubbles are also floating up to the sky, tadpoles are flying like the water fleas did... just a few new glitches I found. FYI! :)

error 3.jpg

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