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stuck on: the ones who walk away from gorgon

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I get stuck at the quest: the ones who walk away from gorgon, I pick up the file from Lucky his desk and open the safe but I don't get a preserved eyeball.
tried this with 3 different characters but I keep getting stuck at the safe.
has anyone seen this before? and what was the solution?
because now I can't continue with the quest or side quests

(I play it on pc via Steam)

Edited by Tanja van Dalen
forgot on wich I play it on
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Outer Worlds now updated to version dated 3/17/2021 and added "Murder on Eridanos" DLC.

🤬 Just cannot believe that "Peril on Gorgon" is still broken! Cannot complete because the "preserved eyeball" is still missing! It is NOT in Lucky's safe.

Has anyone found the "preserved eyeball" if it is not in the safe? 😧

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