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Building bug

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I am on public beta and I have the same problem. Are you on public beta or the other version? I posted in the public beta forum, but my post has yet to be approved by a moderator for some reason. The only trick that I found to work was to place the foundation blueprints or ghosts or whatever you want to call them, then working my way up. so foundations, then walls, then floors, then ceilings and after the entire house or building has been designed, to THEN add materials. Any addons to the completed structure will result in extremely crooked object placement. However I noticed even that said it's still not lined up perfectly, so hopefully we get a fix soon as testing is very challenging when you cannot build a base.

try my method and see what happens, no clue when the moderator will approve this message as they haven't approved my other message in a few days. it's currently 11/9/20

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