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Tonight was attempting to finish rebuilding my base and noticed the placement of corner walls was fixed however placement of anything else seems off now. I tested with walls, floors, armor dummy, sconces, etc.   It will look straight but when you placed them would be misaligned. I have included Twitch clips of me attempting to place items where they become misaligned.  I can't include my save files because they are large in size for this attachment...

Below are clips from my stream showing what happens when you place objects.  As I mentioned this happens on walls, roofs, floors, etc.

Test Server Build Bug 1

Test Server Build Bug 2

Schen8 DxDiag.txt

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experiaced the same on xbox and PC, but on PC a bit diffrent, i think.

Because totaly new buildings can build and the building parts are placing correct for me on PC. But after buildin some floors on top the placing grit glichs out.

When i go now to the ground buildin floor and place a wall ist is placed correct again. Zhan whent back to the top floor wher the gid was glichted out and now i cam place building stuff correct again.


On Older Bulidings in the save is seams a bit diffrent. The trick with ground floor is here not working.


And at least you can glicht out the building grid totaly, but dont now at that moment when it happens.

When it gliched out totaly the buliding part is only postponed a litte and than zhe only thing for me get it back to normal ist save and reload in the save.

On the xbox the bulding partsa also on new buildings glitching out of the grid. But i did not test what happens if you build from scratch in a totaly new save game. Maybe game and Savegame have now some diffret values???


The Problem seams a bit complex ;)

Hop this helps a little

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