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Stuck bugs

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Back again...... and still absolutely enjoying this game!

Just a few bugs I've noticed in my gameplay so far.

The two wolf spiders that spawn below the tree have glitches below the ground. They still get angry but I am unable to kill them and they are unable to attack me. Also I have found countless numbers of ants stck in rocks around the map. I can hear them but can only see their legs or heads if they peak through the rocks. But have to time it in order to kill them or else they just sit there the whole game. 

I dont know how this could be fixed but maybe a way to reset the creatures in the back yard. Like maybe toggle peaceful-Hard in game. Peaceful would be able to get rid of the creatures and then when you change back to easy medium or hard mode would reset the creatures back to normal.

I'm sure you guys already know about this bug and I am sure you are figuring it out. Just a suggestion 

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