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Zipline issues

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We have created a zipline from the bird bath to the base ball. Host is fine, no problems. Client glitches out about 1/6 of the way down zipline. Appears with no head, looks like he is falling from rope then rubber bands back up. Then when he lands the character gets REALLY excited and wont stop jumping. Have to relog to get him fixed. That worked first time. Every other time when I've relogged I spawn with no items back at the beginning. When loading a previous auto save we also realised the auto save function had stopped around 1 hour ago. Anyone else had these issues.

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yes there's been other posts about some of these issues.  They're listed on the issue tracker, check these out and send in the info requested if you can.



I don't see the zipline issue reported on the issue board.  you should send them your experience.



Xbox One X

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