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First of all, I just want to say how devastated and frustrated I am. I have been playing Grounded since the day it was released on Xbox Game Pass and have made hundreds of in-game days progress and many of my real life hours dedicated to playing. There have been a multitude of glitches throughout my time playing Grounded, but this one is the last straw for me. 
Today, I decided to clear out my past cloud saves that I knew I didn’t need (months old saves) because it was taking about 15-20 minutes to actually load my saves. I cleared all the way up till my most recent save which was last night at 3AM. Upon doing this, when I loaded into my game, all of my building progress was gone. Despite this, my inventory still had all my equipment and supplies that I had when I had last played, but I’m prompted to reanalyze my items and even being given tutorial missions. I’m confused at how my save is reflective of how many days I’ve been playing and even my inventory is reflecting my last save, yet none of my building progress is loading. I’ve reloaded the game multiple times to see if it may be a glitch, but every time, my building progress is still not there and my inventory is still loading with the items I had before I deleted old saves. I’m devastated. Really on the verge of tears. I’m desperate for anyone’s help. I can’t do this all again. I’ll keep the save just in case a future update sorts this out. But I’m really genuinely broken this afternoon because of this. Please help me. 

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good idea to delete old saves.  never a good idea to delete them all but current, just for this reason.  You say you play on gamepass,  is that for PC or console?

I've also seen my building work revert back on saves, like it was loading the previous save to the one i chose.  

No idea whether you can get them back or not.  there's a few apps out there that claim to be able to recover deleted files on console, but i'd be quite wary of those.

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