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Things that need to be fixed (stuck/frozen bugs, building)

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(this is for the steam version, pc windows 10, nividia 2070 super)

i am sure this has been brought up already somewhere but i couldn't find anything in the known issues list so here we go

- bugs: (like ants, soldier ants, ladybugs, spiders, ...) all of them way too often get stuck for whatever reason and kinda like freeze in that position where they can easily be killed which is nice to get the parts but takes out all the danger and fun, also they seem to have some invisible range where they can move and will not chase you even if they could

- building: i tried this in several worlds/maps both in regular play and creative: at any point when building you can run into the trouble that you can't place items (like a workbench) where you want to place it

like i want to place a workbench on a grass floor, which means i could place the grass floor, but when i want to place the workbench it gets placed several "meters" in the air

- and with the last 2 updates i have more sudden game crashes (no error message, game just closes and i am back in the steam client)


aside from that great and fun game

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